Lent lasts approximately six weeks – from Ash Wednesday (March 1) to Easter Sunday (April 16). A time of prayer, penance and fasting, Lent helps us focus on God and His amazing love for us. As a church, this time provides a special opportunity to give towards a specific missions project.

For approximately 20 years, FPCSM has dedicated its Lenten offering to global missions. This year's project is devoted to Africa migrant outreach.

Every day there are news reports about thousands of African migrants attempting the perilous crossing of the Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea. They are fleeing for various reasons - war-torn nations, human rights violations, poverty, hunger, and years of joblessness - for hope of a better life in Europe. Many of them only to find poverty and inhospitable residents. The majority of these precious men, women and children are from unreached people groups and Muslim majority nations, presenting a great opportunity for the gospel.

In response, Vision 5:9 Network and Africa Inland Mission or AIM are working together to send teams to be the first point of contact with the refugees escaping to gateway cities in Europe. Their plan is to share Christ with these people in transit and to connect them with media and friendships to journey with them, as well as meet immediate physical needs.

Our Lenten Project goal is to raise $25,000 to help fund the equipping of these short-term teams. Our funds will cover:

     •    Training the full-term workers and short-term teams in
        disciple-making, evangelism and refugee response
     •    Set-up costs for photo-journalists who will be capturing the story         before and during the short-term teams this summer
     •    Digital media – each team will be equipped with micro sd cards         and usb sticks that include Bibles, and audio and video         evangelistic materials in several languages
     •    Follow-up – administrative support for the full-term workers on the         ground with which AIM and Vision 5:9 are partnering. These folks         will follow up with the migrants that the teams meet.

In addition to helping to financially and prayerfully support these teams, we’ve been invited to join them! This July, AIM will send four teams to different gateway cities in Europe for two weeks. It would be great if First Pres could send 3-5 people! You will be fully trained and equipped to assist with evangelism and research, be led by experienced missionaries, and be covered in prayer. Contact a GMT member if interested (listed at bottom).

Ways you can be a part of the Lenten Project:

. Join us in worship each week during Lent to hear about the African diaspora – what it is, why it’s happening, the problems and opportunities of migration – as well as how our project can meet these needy people and offer them hope in Christ.

Pray. Pray for the African migrants. Pray for the African Migrant Outreach project teams to successfully connect the migrants with partner organizations and local churches who can give long-term assistance. Download a prayer card or pick one up in the church lobby to use as a prompt throughout the Lenten season.

Give. Our Lenten offering will be dedicated on Easter Sunday, April 16, but you may give at any time during Lent – in worship on Sunday mornings, through the church office or online at our giving page.

Go. Serve on a 7-10 member team’s short-term mission to Europe this summer. 

We invite you to prayerfully consider how you might participate in this Lenten offering project.


If you have any additional questions, please contact a Global Missions Team member (Jeff deLamare, Kristin Flenniken, Gladys Gardner, Jack Klassen, Sharon Rosenwald, or Derek Wee).




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