Having a safe and devoted time for Middle School students to gather is instrumental for their spiritual growth. This is a time for Middle School students to have their own time on Sunday mornings. The great thing is that the message theme or series is the same as what is being taught in the adult service. This allows us to make connectons througout the many age generations within our Church. Also, we have game time and snacks!

    9:30am - All students stay in our multi-generational service at 9:30am
    9:45am - Invite to exit our worship service with the children
    9:55am - Game Time!
    10:10am - Life changing message
    10:30am - Dismissal



As Jack Johnson says, "We are better together." Nothing compares to when life is done in community with others going the same speed as you! We are intentional about growing together, connecting with others and serving our community.

In our life group we do various things... team building, games, serve at Brookside Nursing Home, eat, watch Veggie Tales, have parties and talk about our faith. Students have opportunities to share what is going on in their lives and are able to encourage each other.

    11:00am - Welcome/Game
    11:20am - Life Group Activity! (Each week varies, Bible Study, serving opportunities, group discussions, eat, etc.)
    12:00pm - Dismissal


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